Travelling News


Our English Tourists after a sticky start to their tour have returned from their adventure into darkest England. By all accounts a good time was had by our two travels Derrick Horn and Flip Bronkhorst.

Places where visited, rugby was refereed, but the question is will England recover. Both survived the weather and the English beer, so well done lads, and I am sure you both enjoyed the experience. 


Sun and sand awaited our three referees Messer’s R Prinsloo, L Pretorius, J Botha. And sevens coach A Ross.

All the travellers made a good impression on the dignitaries of the home union and a very good account of themselves was recorded by all involved.

Lihan was privileged to be appointed to referee one of the main finals with Johre acting as an assisted referee on another final both where held on the main field in front of capacity crowds. Well done guys you did the society pride